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My denim love affair with Naked & Famous actually began some 5 years ago when I had just started as a contributor for Denimology. I have admired their clean and very basic denim ever since, but never got to wear a pair myself.

Laid back in terms of aggressive marketing, Naked & Famous became well loved by a lot of denim heads because of their no frill, no attention calling and fabulous quality of their selvedge denim made in Japan.

So, about these selvedge boyfriend jeans, there is actually a story behind this story! Last season, at the Capsule New York trade show, when I visited the N & F booth to say hello, I was totally stoked to see the guys wearing baggy drop crotch raw indigo selvedge jeans. My denim-heart jumped – I WANT THOSE!

But there was one problem: they were men’s jeans and usually, contrary to what brands always want to make you believe, they do not fit women the same way as men’s jeans adapted to the women’s body. The men’s jeans would be large on your waist and very snug at the upper tights.

Problem solved and I am jumping of joy – Naked & Famous now came up with the boyfriend jeans. With the additional benefit of some stretch – voilá, you now have a perfect pair of raw + selvedge + untreated pure indigo boyfriend jean! They are a medium rise with a flattering, yet comfortable relaxed silhouette, made of 98% Cotton and 2% PU (stretch).

If you are searching for a clean, no frill, no contrast stitching, and no shrill label on the back pocket, pair of raw selvedge jeans that you can “make your own” then here you go! And you also have the additional benefit of a small amount of stretch for comfort, meaning that the jeans are not as rigid as non-stretch raw selvedge normally is.

You can purchase the raw selvedge boyfriend jeans here and here.

{note for the drop crotch loving ladies: up-size one or two sizes!}

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  1. Thanks for the size up tips.

    If you are buying guys jeans without stretch do you size up from your non-stretch size?

    And when you purchase guys stretch do you size up from your stretch size?

    Some of my denim with a tad of stretch seems like it does not really stretch enough to size down. I see I am not even close to being a stretch expert.

  2. I’m a fan of simplicity. As usual, achieving simplicity is complex.
    What is raw denim? Does that mean they didnt bother to wash and dry the fabric before sewing the jeans? I consider that to be poor tailoring and not a plus.
    I went to both web sites. They contradict each other drastically regarding sizing. Also the pictures of these jeans contradict each other. I sent an email asking for clarification.
    The second site offers a try for free feature which is nice.
    Im not a fan of contrast stitching.
    I suspect that I will look better in the men’s jeans than the women’s, if the size chart on the first page is accurate. What size do the men’s jeans go down to? Im a 24 in Rag & Bone and JBrand rigid jeans, which need a belt now that I have been wearing them and a 23 in rigid high rise cali boot jeans from Madewell which stay up nicely as mid rise.

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