rip and repair jeans

Nicole Scherzinger sure sported a very interesting double denim here.  She wore a two toned denim shirt paired with the same shade of blue slouchy skinny ankle jeans featuring rips and repairs. Check check, and check – three fashion demands in one outfit!

Just that – those purple pumps with the lace-ups on the back …. did she snap those from one of the K’s closet? 😉

I totally love the whole look of the double denim (minus shoes), but I would like to point out a detail that has been bothering me since forever. If you take a closer look, you will see that the zip-fly of the jeans starts way too high above the crotch. High waisted jeans, especially, should have a proportionally longer zip-fly by all means. But I have noted that same problem  with regular waist jeans as well. I just think it looks so cheap and unflattering if the zipper does not go all the way from the crotch to the waist.

You can buy two tone denim shirts from Topshop and SJYP. Joe’s has a cool pair of Rip and Repair jeans, and also, there is a very reasonably priced pair from Cotton On.

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  1. I found your comments about the fly interesting. I am thinking I have never really thought about it before in those exact terms.

    I do recall putting on some denim that was not low rise and thinking that I was expecting the zipper to be longer or that there should be more buttons. So I guess it has caught my attention through another thought process.

  2. she looks very cute in this outfit. The shoes flatter her skin. Love the shirt. I agree with your criticism of the jeans and I’m tired of these silly contrived rips and bleached out back side.

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