Paris Jackson, bundled up for the freezing New York winter weather, was wearing a pair of light blue spray on jeans, or better, yet, jeggings. She wore them with a black leather jacket and several layers comprised of a t-shirt and a flannel plaid button down.

To add some extra warmth, she added a long colorblock scarf and a bomber hat.

Yeah, jeggings – I am amazed that these are still around! But ok, Paris can. She has a gorgeous body and long, slim legs, so there is no cellulite “rolling” and no fat bumps. That’s the danger with jeggings, especially when they are in a light wash. They are un-forgiving. As I usually love to point out – jeggings  are perfect (!) to show all your bumps, even the ones you don’t have! Hope you get the idea.

But if you really do have great legs, here are some jeggings for you – American Eagle, Levi’s, and there is also a good selection available at Nordstrom.

spray on jeans


  1. She seems quite a bit taller. Hope Paris is happy.

    You are right if someone has bulges this is not the best option but Paris seems to not fit into that category.

    Her footwear is cute.

  2. Paris has the body for skinny jeans and leggings.

    Look at the rear view. These jeggings look great from the front, because she has great legs, but the fabric fails to conform to her body in the back. I have this issue with every pair of stretch skinny jeans I try, except Frame. J Brand & Mother look flawless new. Then not. A post about which stretch skinny jeans hold up to heavy wear without rolling over under the seat, and don’t slide down would be much appreciated. No point in owning jeans you can’t wear.

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