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Hello everyone, it’s been awhile, but I’m back with another great jean to share. I’m sure by now, from looking at most of my reviews, it’s obvious that I’m a sucker for dark blue skinny jeans. However, there’s another (and lighter) shade that I’ve been a little obsessed with for awhile as well. Grey jeans, I feel, are still a bit underrated when it comes to finding a perfect closet staple. Like black, white, and blue in most cases, grey goes with anything and is definitely a great neutral shade not to be looked over! Unlike white and black, grey has so many possible shades in between, and every piece from every brand I’ve tried is quite beautifully unique from the rest. So, with that said, here’s another pretty grey jean that I’m sure you’ll all love: the PRINCIPLE Denim Innovators The Mystic Skinny in Stormy.

It really cannot hurt to have more than one pair of grey jeans in your closet. If you already have one or two, or three, I’m sure this one will still please! Every time I get my hands on another piece in this shade, I’m pleasantly surprised. When I first received The Mystic in Stormy, I laid them out and took a look at the wash. It’s such a great lived-in look, with a more of a rinse wash in terms of a lack of whiskering and fading. This is what I feel makes them unique…along hems and edges it still gives off the look of a much-loved, favorite jean. As much as I like whiskering and fading details (although you know I love it all), I almost saw these as more of a perfectly blank slate, with an endless range of styling possibilities. The wash isn’t completely flat though; if you look close, the denim texture kind of gives it some dimension (which sort of appears as light streaks) along the fibers.

PRINCIPLE Denim Innovators The Mystic Skinny in Stormy Review - Back

The Mystic is a cigarette jean, which in the denim world means halfway between a straight leg and a skinny leg. It almost fits like the STROM Fyra jean I reviewed last! The great thing about these is they are great for those who want something more streamlined and fitted than a straight leg without being constricting and skintight. So, it fits more snug around the hips and thighs, while being slightly more relaxed around the calves and ankles with a 12″ leg opening. It is also a mid-rise with a 32” inseam, so for me that’s a great length. As much as I do like high rises, this one comfortably sits a little lower without being tight at all, and it’s a little longer than most of those ankle-skimming skinnies out there. It’s easy to cuff, which creates even more styling possibilities. For reference, I got my usual size of 26 and I am 5’5.5″ so this length is ideal to fit over a pair of low-top Converse sneakers without showing any sock.

Fabric wise, The Mystic in Stormy is made up of 94% cotton, 5% polyester and 1% spandex. So, with a mostly cotton makeup it isn’t too stretchy. I love a super stretchy, curve-hugging jean any day, but these fit me as if the stretch was just there for the flattering fit, not to suck in every “imperfection.” They are made with shape retention twill, so they won’t lose their shape. I wore them for three days in a row to work and on walks, and they did soften up a little bit but they only became more comfortable. I would not bother sizing down unless you DO want something supertight! I don’t need a belt with them at all, and they stay up just fine. This is another one of those jeans that will look great on you, but will do so quite effortlessly! This is the beauty of a great-fitting, well-made cigarette leg jeans for those who want a skinny fit without the stretchy legging-like tightness of most currently on the market. As I said, there’s nothing wrong with those either, but it’s good to see more variety out there!

Grey is an awesome and super fun neutral shade. Dress it up or down, it will always look great! I feel like the The Mystic in Stormy is a bit on the casual side, but fashion is all about breaking rules after all. If you’re looking to add a little grey to your closet, this is a great laid back yet flattering piece!

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