And because we are THE denim blog to read, yes, we can…. blog just about a pair of jeans-legs!

This is just an image of a pair of jeans from cult brand PRPS, and we need to share with you guys! I picked it out from their Instagram and it gave me instant happiness, ummmm, instant obsession, more like it! Hint: these jeans are one of the “surprises” of the newest PRPS Holiday 2016/2017 collection!

Check out some of the PRPS unique and destructed, repaired, ripped, faded, bleached…. but never broken, jeans here.


    • because PRPS fills my denim mind and soul 😉 because I admire true creativity and dedication and because I have known Donwan Harrell since the beginning and in spite of all his success he never strays from his determination and dedication to do even better….. and mostly: PRPS denim speaks to me

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