Boy, it’s coooold outside, what a royal pain Le Sigh. We definitely need to lighten up these gloomy days with something fun. And being that we also need to keep warm, the only way to do this is by wearing a fun jacket or coat, something that is a bit outside the box (inside there are all the Canada Goose and Monclers, not particularly original, everybody seems to be wearing one of those).

Enter the extremely detailed PRPS camo moto jacket. Frayed seam details, a beautiful indigo camo print, zippers enough to fulfill even the biggest zipper fetish’ dream, yeah, there are zippers on the sleeves as well! And to keep you really warm, the jacket also features an asymmetric zip closure, plus snap, belted and zip fasteners.

You can also check out some different outerwear options from PRPS on their website.


  1. There is a lot going on with that jacket.

    I think it may be too much happening and that is something I rarely say.

    • Yes, sometimes when there is a variety of embellishments on one item it can be overkill.

      I think all of the hardware would have looked better on a solid color jacket.

      The camo fabric does not need such a variety of hardware.

      Still a fan of Prps.

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