Rock Revival Cladelle S200 Moto Jean - front view 2

It is finally starting to cool off here in the Panhandle of Florida which means I get to wear my warmer clothes! Perfect timing for this review as these jeans are great for cooler weather. The jeans featured in this post are from Rock Revival, a company that started in 2005 and is based out of Los Angeles. Their jeans are inspired by rock and roll and seek to inspire individuality. Their rocker aesthetic is what sets them apart from other brands. Keep reading for the Rock Revival Cladelle S200 Moto Jean review.

The Rock Revival Cladelle S200 Moto Jeans are a skinny moto jean with an inseam of 30 inches and made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. These jeans have many unique features; my favorite feature is definitely the zipper pockets in the front and back which gives the jeans an edgy look. The silver zippers pop in contrast to the dark wash of the jeans making them easy to style with a variety of options. There is slight distressing on the front pockets and at the bottom which I chose to show off by cuffing the jeans. There was a tag on the jeans stating that the destruction is reinforced with a soft mesh backing to allow the distressed areas to remain in place during the wash process. These jeans actually feel durable and the material feels strong. I also love the faded wash on the front top half of the jeans, it just adds another cool element.

Rock Revival Cladelle S200 Moto Jean - side view

I wore these jeans a few times, once to dinner, and also while shopping. When I first put the jeans on, I will admit, they were pretty snug on my midsection. As I wore the jeans longer, they became more comfortable. The fit was perfect on my legs and did loosen up the more I bent and squatted. I was able to move around fairly well and when bending over, I could feel the jeans stretch but not in the way that other jeans do. There is a stretchy part just under the waistline that allows for easy squatting and moving without compromising the fit at the waist or legs. Don’t you hate when you have to hike up your pants every time you bend over?! I did not have to do that at all while wearing these jeans which was a huge plus. No one has time to adjust their outfit every time they move; jeans should be practical for every day use. I decided to cuff the bottom of the jeans and wear them with booties for a cool fall look. I think these jeans are so versatile and would be great paired with flats, heels, or sandals any time of year making them a great closet staple!

You can find these jeans here.


  1. Thoughtful design. The wash is too fake, trendy, been there, done that. These jeans in solid white, or indigo without distressing would be interesting.

  2. These are so cool Ashley! In the past I wasn’t so keen on Rock Revival because I’m not huge on embellishments at all. However these are awesome!! That wash is beautiful too. Love the zippers!

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