Versus with Donatella Versace

Retro faded jeans, destroyed, destructed with beads insets, frayed raw hem, double denim and trucker jackets

Embroidered jeans for men? Hippie jeans making a come-back for guys? Do you believe bootcut and even flare jeans will actually be worn by your guy? How about a pair of floral painted bad boys? Or some bright neon colored and embellished jeans for a night out? And do I see platform lace-up boots? 😉

Well, it’s all there in the newest Spring and Summer 2017 runway shows. How much of this will really “translate” into the pair of jeans you find on the men’s floor in Bloomingdale’s or the likes. well, your guess is as good as mine!

Meantime, enjoy these totally insane runway images and let us know your opinion!

Roberto Cavalli

Wide leg and flare jeans, embroidery, bedazzled beads, metallic studs, patchwork, frayed raw hem

Roberto Cavalli
Faith Connexion

Destroyed, destructed, ripped, and tattered jeans, oversized denim vests, and slim skinny vintage jeans

Moschino and designer Jeremy Scott

Loud and bright neon colors, tie dye jeans, and bedazzled denim

Moschino and designer Jeremy Scott

Acid wash, bleached paint splatters denim, rip and repair, super skinny jeans


Slouchy and very oversized untreated jeans

{images: DJO}


  1. Some of these looks are knocking it out of the park!

    Some are superior to a lot of the looks designed for females.

    • Sadly I have to agree – it’s really amazing how lots of denim for men is so much more interesting, creative and fun than women’s. I would have thought it should be the other way around….

      • I agree. It should be the other way around.

        Generally speaking, I think more females embrace unique clothing than a lot of males do…so it seems it would be a wise business decision for designers to create this type of fashion for the ladies.

  2. Oops….that Roberto Cavalli message seemed to send itself as I was trying to type that the Robert Cavalli designs remind of the 1970s a lot.

    Some of the other designers seem to have created some fresher looks but I like the RC styles as well as the others.

    And kudos to the drop crotch designs.

  3. Flares are pretty cool, I’d buy them in a second if they were available in a nice fit for me.. 🙂

    • You just inspired me for a post about flares for men! Stay tuned and you will find your very special pair 😉

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