Stephanie Mooney in the Citizens of Humanity Liya Jean

Vintage denim made a serious comeback in the explosive market for high-tech, super stretchy jeans over the last few years. I mean it makes perfect sense…not everyone likes spandexy denim and the industry would be nothing without its strong workwear roots of tough and rigid, 100% cotton fabrics. It goes without saying that vintage style is huge in fashion, and apart from an uprise in shopping vintage denim in antique shops, various premium brands that specialize in stretch and shape-keeping fabrics also branched out to create their own vintage-inspired pieces. Here is one that I’ve had my eyes on for a little while now: This is blogger Stephanie Mooney in the Citizens of Humanity Liya Jean, which features a high rise, classic lean leg fit with a slightly relaxed feel. Just like well-loved jean, most of them come in a variety of distressed and ripped finishes with some seriously beautiful fading and whiskering details. While many might see a loose-fitting, ripped up jean as a lazy, casual Saturday staple, I often think quite the opposite. I love how Stephanie has paired hers with a chic sweater and bag, giving these jeans a nice dressy look! Combining two usually opposing looks and proving assumptions of the masses wrong is what makes fashion so much fun, at least to me.

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  1. I like the fit but I didn’t see any washes that I liked. I’m not willing to buy jeans with ripped knees. I think that trend has been done too much. And I would never wear jeans with highligjts on the backside.

  2. I love her denim products it’s good and comfortable mainly the jeans and skirts is joy full and lady like looking your products.

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