Following up with a lot of requests from our readers asking about stretch jeans that really keep their shape, I wanted to give you all my personal opinion. This said, please note that I am not telling you an absolute truth, or giving you THE answer about all stretch denim. I am just going to explain about my very own experience with different kinds of skinny jeans.

My favorite pair, if I choose to go skinny and with just a bit of distressing is the Denim x Alexander Wang Slim Fit Skinny Jean, because these are pretty sturdy, made of a heavier denim, and only have 2% of stretch which guarantees that the jeans do not get out of shape or baggy, they may stretch a tiny little bit when you wear them a lot of times without washing them, but they DO NOT BAG! Stretch out for me is: a bit slouchy in a cool and edgy way.

Same goes for the just now re-launched Levi’s 505 C’s, even though I am always on the hunt for the original vintage 505 pair with no stretch at all. The 505 C does have a few options with a little stretch (1%), and they are actually a straight leg, not a skinny. Good for rolling up the cuffs when you want to show off some shoes/booties/sneakers.

straight leg jeans
Levi’s 505 C

The big mistake is thinking that the more stretch the jeans have, the less likely they sag. There are, for sure, some exceptions, like the L’Agence jeans, which are made of a very sturdy (patent) denim. These jeans – for me – are in fact one of the few stretch skinnies I always go back to, because they REALLY do keep their shape, even after a 20+ hour flight, when I wore them changing airports, flying, sleeping and running around. I sagged, but my L’Agence didn’t LOL!

frayed hem jeans
L’Agence Marcelle cropped jean

Some others, like Frame and J Brand – not the Photo Ready, though – do have a few stretch jeans that hold your stuff together. But my experience is that 98%cotton with 2% stretch is the ideal combination.

Also, your best bet is going for a heavier weight denim, as the light weight – again, in my view – stretch out just by pulling them up!

Siwy has come out with an interesting pair of really stretchy jeans, the seamless. And these jeans are almost like leggings. I have worn mine quite often in spite of not being a fan at all of super stretch jeans, these were a big surprise. No sagging, and no bagging at the knees, even after wearing them quite often before washing them. Sometimes I do wear jeans just to test them, so I can write about them, as do our product reviewers 🙂

DL1961 – these are also a pretty good option for keeping their shape, especially their coated jeans.

7 for All Mankind – they are top line, the Slim Illusion and their (b)air are un-beatable in the black washes. I am not so sure about their blue washes, as I always preferred their black skinnies and only do their boyfriends (the Josefina is one of my favorites) in other washes.

And of course, very very great skinnies, and my go-to for comfort and edginess – Parker Smith, their Kam and the Bombshell are VERY stretchy, but the do have some “secrets” (we’ll tell you about these at some other time!), they simply keep their shape. I cannot explain, I only know that the Parker Smith jeans challenge practically all I have said above. They are mostly of a lighter weight denim and have A LOT of stretch, but, they hold up. Long crosstown rides in the car and spending weekends running around, sitting on the floor, and man, they “spring” back LOL!

black jeans
Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny Jean

So now – Happy Skinny Shopping 😉


  1. Thanks to Siwy participating in the Denimology Giveaways I am the winner of a pair of their seamless jeans in the Felicity style and your comments about the seamless jeans are on point.

  2. I am guessing a number of things you are doing when you are sitting on the floor, Lisette.

    Board games perhaps? Playing with babies and toddlers?! Or perhaps reading some tots a book?!

  3. Why do a number of skinny jeans have the tendency to slide down when one is wearing them?

    Are people not getting the right size?

    • O.M.G. this is the mystery, the dilemma, the enigma of my denim life – I came to the conclusion that there is no general thumb rule. Each and every single pair, even the same style from the same brand in different washes needs to be tested before buying….I wish I could tell you more

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I thought I might be doing something wrong in my selection process. I order most of my denim online.

        I go through phases where I am wanna wear belts and phases where I do not want to wear them. I figured wearing a belt might help. I did not have a belt that worked with the jeans so I tied bright bandanas in different colors together to create a belt. Used enough that I had some bandanas hanging down. I was kinda like a walking Steven Tyler mic stand.

        Think that helped some.

    • PS – you just gave me an idea – I will ask some of the denim “masters” about this, should be good for quite some interesting posts…..

      • I often buy skinny jeans that are a bit on the loose side. The movements that cause sliding down are knee bending and sitting. When a jean stretches easily to accommodate these movements, it isn’t pulled down by movement. Skinny jeans that don’t stretch vertically are pulled down, no matter how tight they are. JBrand hi-def stretch fabric skinny skinny jeans hardly slide down at all because they stretch in all directions easily. Most of their jeans are not high def stretch. Here is an amazing pair that is hi-def stretch.

    The Bella – Seamless Ankle Flare – Karma Man comes in my size (23) & from what I can see, they look great. I tend to assume the worst when web sites don’t show details of their products & post blurry photoshopped pictures, so I haven’t tried this brand yet. But I would love to.. Hint Hit, SIWY! I had given up on the idea that jeans could fit & keep their shape like my lulus, until I read this posting.
    I LOVE the L’Agence outfit. Do you know where I can find that cardi? On the web site, I see no creases in the jeans. But the pictures are blurry. Would love to try these as well. Hint, hint L’Agence!
    Please tell us if your SIWY & L’Agence jeans stretch vertically, if they crease under your seat, if they stretch evenly in all directions, and how the sizes & cuts compare to Frame & JBrand (my fave cuts).
    I used to wear the DL Emma jeans, but I found the stretch to be frustrating. No vertical stretch, even though they say 360 degree, so bending and sitting, I feel the jeans resist movement. Of course they slide down because they pull down when I move. As they slide down, they mash down my seat. After years, I can rely on a freshly washed (cold water/line dry) to look good from the back with a cropped blazer for a business meeting but they aren’t my fave.
    This year, I made a hobby out of finding great jeans. A sales person at Bloomingdales suggested that I go to the Frame store on Melrose Place. Most of their stretch denim is pretty good & the fit is perfect for narrow, athletic, small boned bodies with round seats.
    BTW, The JBrand hi-def stretch is amazing when very new & still better than most when old. Sadly, they don’t make many jeans in hi-def stretch.

    • Hi!! Happy Holidays! Wanted to tell you our L’AGENCE jeans fit to perfection. They never bag out and the elasticity is just what every woman needs- to never feel uncomfortable and look incredible on your body!
      You must try them on- you will never wear another brand…

  5. BTW I noticed SIWY shows perfect back pockets here.
    Also the picture at the top of your posting shows perfect back pockets (although they crease a bit much). Who made those?

    I went to the site. WOW! LOVE the Mon Jules, Elysee, Charlotte & the jean jacket! I hope they look this good in real life. I noticed the models are of average height based on the inseams. Elysee & Mon Jules are cut longer.

    I didn’t see the lace & stripe cardi above. If you know where to buy it please share.

    Have you tried Acne Studios jeans?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    • ACNE used to be my fave’s, I LOVED LOVED their pop jean and ripped boyfriends, but they have become so un-original and repetitive that my love switched to Denim x Alexander Wang !

        LOVE this jacket but the Slim Fit Skinny Jeans are not going to look good on me.

        Possible posting topic…100% cotton always bags out. What styles look cool bagged out? What styles are to be avoided? For instance, Rag & Bone makes a rigid high rise cropped boot and J Brand makes a low rise long wide leg. Will they look good after they are seriously bagged out? Or, are these cuts too specific to be great bagged out? What about the strom NOX? I have a pair of over sized DL1961 Riley jeans that are bagged out and look good. (I don’t recommend anything else from that brand.)
        🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR

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