silver jeans

It’s that I had been looking into my closet and I got nothing to wear. Sound familiar? 😉

This probably happens to all of us at least 20 times a year, right! What with New Year’s Night coming up in a couple of days…. well, Siwy does has some [email protected] styles, and even though they are more like fancy, they still “qualify” as denim, and that’s the main point. We certainly don’t want to spend the last night of the year in just any kind of jeans, but still, in denim….

Way to go, Siwy!

Check out all of their New Year’s Eve suggestions here – AND there is a good discount on most of these styles!

silver denim mini skirt


  1. Love the Cafe De Flore & the Gracelandia jeans! I usually dont like shine but I like these loose silver jeans worn with a not so over the top top.

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