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Swrve CORDURA Slim Jeans Review

Swrve CORDURA Slim Jeans Review

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I recently went on a work vacation and took my Swrve CORDURA® Slim Jeans with me. What a great traveling companion these jeans made. Fabricated with non abrasive and fade resistent CORDURA® denim, these Swerve jeans stood the test of airplanes, ladders and lots and lots of running around. Check out more great details in my Swrve CORDURA® Slim Jeans Review below.

Traveling can be tough, especially when packing your suitcase and choosing the right articles for the activities you’re going to be engaging in. I found the perfect solution for a great pair of versatile and stylish slim denim: Swrve CORDURA® Slim Jeans. These jeans were perfect for every activity I did during my trip.

The lightweight CORDURA® fabric is really what makes these jeans great. There is just the right amount of stretch so that I can be fashionable and at the same time totally active. Though they are a slim fitting jean the stretch of the fabric and triple chain stitching in high-stress areas help with comfort and flexibility. I had no problem sitting on a plane, loading trucks or going out to dinner. This is my second pair of denim with CORDURA® and I am a total fan of this fabric.

The color is a nice deep indigo that isn’t going to fade with consecutive washings. The abrasive free CORDURA® fabric shows no signs of wear and tear, which I really appreciate in a fashionable but durable working pair of denim. These looked great even after a few days without laundering. Just hang them up at the end of the night and they’re ready to go in the morning. The light touch of an iron helps smooth out any wrinkles.

I’m required to be somewhat dressed up for work, and these jeans got me a lot of compliments, and a lot of different options of style looks. I enjoyed the versatility that I found with these pants. I could change just my shirt and go from work to play in an instant. They have been pre-washed and have non-elasticity in the waist so the size stays true.

Swrve has added lots of nice design details to these jeans. The back and side yokes define and give a great fit to your backside, and back pocket details are simple but utilitarian. The front pockets are nice and deep to store your electronic devices and both pockets have reinforced entry for durability. There is plenty of leg room with the true 32 inch inseam, 34 inch length optional. The leg opening itself is not very wide, so consideration of your footwear is needed. They have also added a reflective strip on inside of both leg seams which are exposed when you roll up your cuff.

Swrve did a great job designing this denim and partnering with CORDURA® to create a long lasting fashion jean with style and comfort. It’s all in the fabrication and cut. These jeans are definitely going to be a part of my wardrobe for a long time. I highly suggest this pair if you want to look good and feel good while conquering your world. You can get your pair of Swrve CORDURA® Slim Jeans here.


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