cut out jeans

Tyra Bans was photographed out in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of skinny ripped jeans. The jeans have – what I call – windows. By that I mean to say that they are deliberately cut out jeans so you can show more of your skin.

It’s just that these look cool when you have skinny or worked out muscled legs, but not when you have bumps and bulges, or maybe uneven skin tone.

Tyra here is just borderline, not too bad looking. But she would have looked better in jeans with more discreet rips. Also, the fact that she paired her cropped jeans with a cropped jacket and kitty-heel pumps doesn’t help to elevate the look of her ensemble.

If you are one of the lucky ones to “qualify” for “window” jeans, check out some styles from 7 for All Mankind, River Island, and BLANKNYC.

ripped jeans


  1. The denim is not doing her any favors and the footwear she has own does not help the vibe either.

    Kinda like the bag.

  2. I think she looks great, only its really cold right now in LA.

    She’s one of the few heavy people that look good in skinny jeans. Probably because she has small bones, so we are still seeing a sleekness to her knees and ankles. She has no bulges, so the proportions re all good. She looks agile and light on her feet. The rips aren’t showing anything she should try to hide. High heels would look stupid with this outfit and on a woman as tall as she is. The kitten heels were the first thing that caught my eye as edgy.

  3. Also, she has great legs. Most people don’t look good in such cropped jeans. She’s not wearing her jeans super tight, which is one reason why they look good. Jeans that fit like spanx look bad on everyone. I couldn’t copy this outfit because I don’t like myself in super cropped jeans or short jackets. But I think this is one of the best outfits you showed today and it suits her really well. She’s lady-like and poised. Not seeking attention.

  4. I’d like to see her in a short haircut with her natural hair texture. She has that stunning African forehead, like Iman. She doesnt need the extensions.

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