hand-dyed denim jacket
Jacket in article Bolt, created by Tati Polo and Marian Foltran

Open Sea Trend
Gently washed and colored as if by the elements of the sea and the sky, echoing the movement of the waves and the patterns created by the tide.

As some of our readers were really curious about more detailed descriptions of the spring and summer 2018 trends, we have followed up with Vicunha and received some very informative descriptions from them. We will be dividing these up in several informative posts, so stay tuned here @Denimology.

Hot Washes & Artsy Surfaces project an overview of most awesome processes and effects for VICUNHA TEXTIL’s Spring/Summer 2018. Sky and sea inspire the new washes through dyeing and special surfaces. Handcrafted techniques, such as batik, hand made stains, and delicate embroidery create a harmonic and fresh aesthetic.




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