Continuing the Vicunha’s trend report for spring and summer 2018, here are a few more key-pieces from their collection. We are showing here a few select items and within the next few months we will give you the complete info.

“Look to the past to invent the future” – is a great inspiration, and the classic vintage denim is the starting point for the creations. The aesthetics that praise time marks is paramount. Torn, threadbare and wear effects, such as dirty and destroyed, are essential. The original
look of the product gains importance. The focus is on raw surfaces and applications with some decorative and handmade touches of fabrics cut by wire.

Bruna Washed by Emphasis
From the Buzzy Disrupt trend
Unpretentious, youthful and courageous, this trend captures the essence of non convention, this is expressed with tailor made individuality, where the rules of symmetry and ergonomics are re evaluated


Bolt Washed by ZiIl Cossi
From the Bio Society trend
Reinvented classics with freedom to move between styles that embrace the vintage and the modern, with an almost watercolor like translucency, this dye effect creates a ponderous idea of how dyed product can be visually interpreted.


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