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Continuing with the newest spring and summer 2018 denim trends, Vicunha introduces their Bio Society collection, which is inspired by the 70’s mood.

The return to the beginning of everything is necessary. Looking at the past is extremely important for creating a better future. This new movement is about returning to the countryside reconnecting with our roots and history.

Romantic and sophisticated – it is possible to wander freely between styles that blend rusticity and refinement, combining vintage and modern. Nature and sustainability are key elements. Elaborated fabrics with recycled materials and databases composed of natural fibers are essential. These basics re-confirm an environmental consciousness.

Denim Fabrics

The styles are clean and sophisticated, inspired by the 70s, with tailoring as the main focus in the design. Composed of natural fibers or recycled threads, fabrics allude to ecology, well-being, and conscious consumption. Light bases in 100% cotton and bobby structures in graphic patterns, like plaid, create a vintage-y and rural atmosphere. The idea here is to revere both the naturalist visual as well as the true denim aesthetics, combining the classic and original style of the jeanswear universe.

The rustic and sophisticated character is completed with superstretch for comfort and movement, essential elements for the overall mood. The washes and treatments are delicate and soft. To achieve the retro and fancy touch, they are completed with light marks of sewing as well as threadbare and localized patches.

Denim Choices

The mood is created in a timeless atmosphere based on a combination of styles. The vintage universe is given a new meaning with minimal elements presenting a fresh aesthetic – at the same time romantic and sweet, but also sophisticated and modern. “Easywear” is the essence of this whole collection. Simplified designs, silhouettes, and cuts are impeccable. Basic here does not mean common and simple, quite on the contrary, it’s about luxury and desire, proposing a great alternative fashion concept.

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  1. I like the culottes because they are a different length than the usual. I don’t like the rest at all. Way too theatrical & contrived.

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