shredded jeans
Forever 21 Raw-Cut Distressed Jeans

And by boyfriend jeans I mean – slim boyfriend, girlfriend, relaxed and baggy, as well as oversized and cropped. Believe it or not, but when I walked through the denim department at Bloomingdale’s the other day, they did not have one single pair of non-skinny black jeans. I asked one of the sales personas there, and got the laconic answer: “we offer what people are looking for”. Really?

Hey, sometimes we don’t know exactly what we want and we need to be face to face with a different style, or wash, or concept and then it hits us – man, I didn’t know, but these were exactly what I want and didn’t know LOL!

Incredible, but we found quite a lot of options online, so we decided to divide this post in two parts. Stay tuned for the second edition of black boyfriend jeans tomorrow.

So we are making it easy for you, check out our black boyfriends in all shapes and forms and let us know if you found a dream pair for yourself here!

black boyfriend jeans
TOPSHOP Boutique Boyfriend Jeans
Joe’s Collector’s – Ex-Lover Ankle Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans
trashed jeans
Waven Aki Boyfriend Jeans
black joggers
R13 Boyfriend jeans
black star jeans
Stella McCartney Star Embellished Skinny Boyfriend Jeans


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stella Mccartney jeans! The price is insane. I need a 70% off sale now. I love washed black instead of pure black black. Denim fades. I’m not going to dry clean it or put it in the freezer. For pure black black, I love polyester pants from Madewell. Not kidding. I can’t wear their jeans but their polyester no stretch pants are cute and last forever.
    Strom has no stretch black boyfriend jeans that look great. No stars, but for the 50% savings, stars can be DIY. Also no rips so they can be worn now and DIY air conditioned in just the right places for summer.
    I also love the reply denim joggers. (in pictures. I don’t have them.)
    Top shop has the tiny high pockets. No stretch denim bags out too. After a few wears to the office the back of these jeans will slouch. But the pockets will still be disproportionately high, making the wearer’s seat look droopy.
    The Waven looks good. But let me rip my own jeans, please. These are giant rips. What makes them think this is where I want the rips, if I want rips? I would repair these jeans if I got them. LOVE the gray t. I don’t like gray, but I have to have this one.
    I don’t know about the r-13. They look a bit restrictive and drapeless for joggers/boyfriends.

    • PS. In loose fit, should one go for 100% cotton or 2% elastane or comfort stretch selvage? What weight? Which looks and feels best the longest with heavy, agile wear? I sit on the floor, I sit at a desk. I climb and bend for a couple of days, then wash cold, line dry. repeat. repeat. repeat.

      • there is no one pair of jeans that “lives” with your complete lifestyle – certain jeans are for certain things…..So, depending on what you want to do, or how you want to look, you should choose either rigid or with stretch, anything goes!

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