embellished denim jackets

Willow Smith, as well as her no less famous bro, Jaden, are know for their “outrageous” fashion sense! We absolutely love it

Willow was wearing an acid wash and bleached oversized denim jacket. As fashion demands right now, the jacket also had some graffiti writing and design on the back.

Denim jackets with any kind of embellishment, like embroideries, paintings, and patches are the must-have of the season, and, if possible, worn oversized and off the shoulder. They look especially cool when you wear them with a ripped baggy sweatshirt or an oversized turtleneck sweater underneath, now that it is colder. Try this sweatshirt from Pam & Gela, or the turtleneck from Vince.

Check out some hot embellished denim jackets from Joe’s, MATO, and at ASOS.

bleached denim jackets


  1. I like oversized jackets but not a fan of this one. However, as long as she likes it who cares what I think.

  2. She has the money to treat fashion as disposable. Im sure she would have selected another jacket if she had a budget. I love her high energy hair, natural brows and clean face. Id love to see her in something really cute from Ace & Jig.

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