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Alicia Keys was beaming as she touched down at LAX, turning heads in her quirky and colorful ensemble.

Alicia cut a stylish figure by layering up with double denim and funky patterned pants. She sported a light blue denim jacket with some embroideries over a darker wash denim shirt and completed her look with loose fitting printed silk pants and a pair of snakeskin print sneakers.

Alicia accessorized further by wrapping her hair in a black and white printed turban and adding stacks of colorful bracelets and gold earrings.

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  1. It’s the airport, where comfort rules and this does look comfortable. The denim jacket and shirt combo are nice. The turban, earring and sneaker combo look awful. The pants can go either way.

  2. PS. the sunglasses do not work on her and she’s inside. Turban, wrong sunglasses and tacky earrings within inches of each other, attracting tons of attention. while hiding her pretty face and hair. Take that stuff off and replace the sneakers with some simple black shoes or bluchers and the outfit is fine.

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