Denim on sneakers is not anything new. We’ve seen this motif done by a number of different footwear brands again and again. Although that may be the case, LA-based footwear brand Android Homme decided to join in on the fun and create denim covered sneakers their own way. As a matter of fact, this pack happens to be a sequel to the Delivery (Del) 1 Denim pack they dropped earlier this year. Here’s a good look at the readily available Android Homme Del 2 Denim Pack.

The Android Homme Del 2 Denim Pack opts for more of a modern feel, as the cuts and types of denim used on the shoes are more of a nod to the style that’s currently trending everywhere. The pack consists of eight different offerings with models such as the Propulsion Mid, Omega Low and Propulsion Hi.

Different shades of denim such as deep indigo and light stonewash appear on the shoe’s uppers, while some of the shoes opt for a distressed look as the worn in/torn denim look is strategically placed on the some of the shoes. There are also some styles that feature pleated detailing, Italian Margom outsoles and EVA blown outsoles.

See anything you like? Let us know which pair happens to be your favorite.

{note from the editor: I hope those of you who commented that “Jeans should be denim” in my previous Adidas Jeans sneaker post, are very happy now!}  😉


  1. I am happy.

    These are nice and if Nathan has not bought each style yet you know what to get him in addition to pjs.

  2. Very nice sneakers. Especially the running style. I think it’s important for sneakers to look athletic, be comfortable & encourage agility.

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