This here is a different way of showing street style looks and we love the concept of having people explain their “why-what-how” styling.

London’s leg of this year’s fashion week circuit has just wrapped up and here are some of the best street styles from the event.

Donning their finest tunics and jumpers, select attendees to the FW17 shows were nice enough to take a few minutes away from their busy schedules, stopping in front of the lens to explain their outfits. Drawing industry insiders from London, Bucharest, and much farther away, the event always provides a decent source of fashion inspiration.

{courtesy of High Snobiety}


  1. Andrew had the best style, ease & personality by far. Andrew, Oliver, Joseph & Daniel are my faves. It was funny to see that zztop looking guy in the uptight tailored outfit from Romania. He is trying way too hard. Looks like overly skinny cuts are in style for men. Once I notice that an outfit isn’t as comfy as it could be, it seems contrived. The background music made me uptight. No reason to add music. Street noise is fine.

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