high waisted jeans

Bella Hadid was snapped out at Jon & Vini’s in yet another really cool outfit.

She paired her flare black jeans with a black graphic t-shirt and a most interesting leather jacket, a black biker style with all the mandatory details and zippers and has red leather sleeves – super unique! It’s from Isabel Marant and is available for an amazing sales price of $473 at Yoox.

Bella was also wearing YET ANOTHER pair of black pointy booties, this time opting for the Givenchy Lux Leather Layered Ankle Boots, which are kind of a sock boot, and she completed her outfit with a black, silver studded belt.

Her jeans are extremely high waisted cropped flares with an extra panel on the inside of the lower legs for added flare from RE/DONE, the Leandra Ankle Crop.

You can also buy other RE/DONE styles at Barney’s and at Selfridges.

cropped microflares


  1. The outfit is put together quite well but for some reason it does not grab me.

    Maybe part of the reason is her facial expressions look so drab.

  2. Well groomed, great hair, and well put together.

    But, the individual pieces are nothing unusual. The jeans are too high rise. The outfit looks like she’s suffering to be casual in the high belted rise and painful boots. Sort of expensive imitation casual.

    Then there is the whole issue of using animal skin to generate fashion. Gruesome and whimsical is a creepy combination.

  3. This outfit looks like a stylist put it together.

    It is not a news flash I know since most do not keep silent that a stylist is often involved in selecting what many are wearing.

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