spray on jeans

Change your hair-color according to your outfit? well, Apparently Bella Thorne thinks so, as a couple of weeks ago we had spotted her with blue hair and today we see her with green hair matching her top. Oh man….matching eye-shadows, make-up, nails, lipsticks, and now hair-color…will this ever end?

Btw – Bella’s quite unique velvet top is the Dido Velvet Round Neck Top from Storets, they do have some really cute options for tees and sweaters, check them out here.

Anyway, what we love about this outfit is that here Bella wore her knee rip jeans over a pair of fishnet stockings – something we have been considering to do for ages, but never really carried off! Also, because maybe they just feel to uncomfortable layered underneath a pair of obviously skin tight jeans. I can imagine doing this with boyfriend jeans, though. Would you?

But apart from anything, grey skinny jeans are definitely cool! Check out some amazing styles at Shopbop.

grey jeans


  1. i like the boots, jeans, fishnets, and that’s about it. i just don’t understand the rest or like the top very much.

  2. The top is awful. The fishnets are ok. Why wear jeans too tight to wear fishnets under? Ease is the whole point of stretch.

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