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Bella Thorne was busy talking on her phone as she was out in Hollywood.

She wore a pair of almost sprayed on skinny jeans with distressing, rips and a big hole on one of the knees. These jeans are from 1denim, the Slim Skinny Fit jeans, and from the image on their website, you can see that Bella (or her stylist) did a great job in destructing them, as they are originally in a clean, light blue wash.

Bella wore her jeans with a tank top that says “it’s your loss, baby”, to confirm her always more apparent bad girl vibe! She added a beige sued jacket with zippers on the sleeves and pockets, and a pair of fashionably half-calf also beige booties.

You can buy similar spray on jeans from BLANKNYC, Joe’s, and at Neiman Marcus.

ripped jeans


  1. These jeans don’t look as cute on the web site. The distressing helped, which surprises me. Looks like she wore a denim jacket or shirt under her motto jacket? That seems hard to do, but it looks good. I’m tired of the cropped jeans/bootie, short jacket combo but it seems that it’s become classic, rather than a tired trend. The tank top ruins the outfit. A simple sleek tee or mockneck would have been good. Is something tucked into her pocket as an accessory? (I hope not.)
    Sad to notice that someone gave her the same bad haircut I accidentally got a year ago after asking for a blunt to below the armpits cut. (Never go to Shorty’s if you like your hair.) Neck bangs and layerig on the sides up to the crown are so depressing but she’s so pretty that it almost doesn’t matter on her.

  2. It looked like to me she has a scarf looped through a belt loop.

    Not a fan of the way she presents herself at all.

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