lace up jeans

Remember, a few weeks ago I did a post about lace-up jeans… well, they kept returning in my mind and all….I admit I became even a bit tempted.

So here is THE one pair that makes me feel like I NEED to try these on and see how they look in “real life”, they are too cool!

I’m referring to the BLANKNYC Lace-Up skinnies, that are an exclusive for Free People. They do come in three colors, in an army green, a washed out black, and in white.

The green one for me is a great alternative color because I do have so many black jeans already….and anyway, camo and army greens are always trendy and fashionable without looking as if you are trying too hard.

grey jeans

white jeans


  1. The pictures online don’t show much. Looks like the denim is pretty thin. I like the detail down the side, but the most important thing is the fit and how well the fabric holds up. I love the green sweater in the picture.

  2. So funny you mentioning that sweater – it totally caught my attention, too! I do believe that the material of these jeans is rather a light weight because it should be hard to do lace-up with heavier materials

  3. I agree with kitty “Detail down the side” details would be good. White and army green looks stylish. About sweater it totally takes attention and I liked how it looks with army green jean.

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