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After a hiatus of a couple of years, one of my New York pet brands, Cotte D’Armes, is back full force.

If you are the kind of adventurous girl who likes different kinds of denims and loves to have people (um, guys) check you out with a double take – then this is the brand for you! Perfect for channeling your inner AND outer rebel!

The Cotte D’Armes re-launch collection plays with the battles between dark’s and lights of industrial architectures. Denim vests that are stone washed to match the tones of weathered segment. And dark blacks and blues denim that plays as the shadows of an industrial site. Each piece in this collection plays as an element that collectively represents a industrial landscape. Whether it’s the edginess of the rusty beams or the elegance of the dark shadowy corners, or perhaps the beautiful fine lines in the unfinished building structure.

With that being said, this collection has a little bit of everything as far as denim goes. Nice cherry red stretch denim shorts. Raw denim selvage jackets. Denim tuxedo style blazer with raw finish. And as you can probably guess biker jeans. {note from the editor: the Cotte D’Armes collections always used to carry the most insane biker jeans}.

Unfortunately all these beautiful pieces are not available yet, but Cotte D’Armes will be launching their online store soon this year. Please visit for updates on the launch. Also, you will be able to find them in stores like in Oak NYC, Untitled, ACutAbove, and YHYT Shanghai, just to name a few.

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Campaign and Look Book Credits:
Photographer: Clarence Ruth
Model: Lauren Kaiser
Makeup: CharisJoyBeauty


  1. I can’t see anymore. New visions is necessary but there’s thin line between order and chaos. This looks so chaotic. Even you do chaotic creation it should be in order to reflect beauty and appeal.

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