white cropped jeans

Hmmmm – I have to admit that I love Eva Longoria’s self confidence!

To carry off a pair of super skinny AND cropped white jeans is not easy. And to have a rather curvy body like Eva, well you need to be very self-assured! AND with a tucked in shirt like Eva… AND those high heel sandals….!

I am not criticizing or even saying I don’t like the way she looks, on the contrary! As I said before, I love her self confidence. My only problem is with the zipper of the jeans which is half exposed. She probably should have gone one size up in her jeans, or worn something longer to cover the zipper, or maybe ditch the belt.

Makes me feel like right now I want to face this lousy winter weather in whites, just because! 😉

Check out these at Shopbop and at Revolve. I suggest going for a heavier fabric, and with a little less stretch so that the jeans are not too clingy. My go-to whites are a pair of men’s white Levi’s 501 and they work perfectly for me in any kind of weather. And there is another bonus – they come with a button fly, so no exposed zip fly danger!

white skinny jeans


  1. She is stunning and her style is amazing. When a body is this smooth, thin stretch denim really shows it off. Despite her size, and she looks ideal in these skinny jeans, at least from the front. I miss her early desperate housewives body. From the looks of things she can have that body back any time she wants it, because, unlike other celebs, she has not destroyed her body with liposuction.

    The zipper doesn’t bother me much. Sizing up might have caused more ripples. Heavy skinny jeans, especially rigid, add bulk and they’re less comfortable even though you have to size up.

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