Gigi Hadid took to the streets of New York in a major double denim outfit! She wore a pair of flare jeans with exposed buttons and with a railroad-stripe finish.

She wore them with a cropped dark wash Sherpa denim jacket from Fay’s (sold out) thrown over a simple tee. But Gigi kept the focus on her high-waisted jeans worn in all their slouchy-cool retro glory. While most of her peers opt for stiletto heels, Gigi took a modern approach to accessories for her vintage-inspired flares by wearing them with simple white leather sneakers. These off-duty kicks and a coordinating bucket bag from Tom Ford played off the white stripes of her trousers.

Well, this is certainly a novelty – railroad stripe flares, a very cool take if you are into retro and striped denim! We searched for them, and found the FrameLe Bardot Striped Flared Jeans, the Hudson Mia, and the American Gold flares. We will keep looking for the exact flares that Gigi is wearing here and keep you updated.

sherpa denim jacketbell bottom jeans

double denim


  1. I like all of the pieces, but none of them flatter her and she’s standing on her pants, which is gross. When a flare is this tight at the top, I think the comparison to loose below makes women look chunky. Of course the size and the back pockets do that, too.

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