Relaxed High Jean

Hailey Baldwin, runway model, BFF to Kendall Jenner, and most recently, the face of H&M’s Denim Days campaign, shot by Cass Blackbird.

And yes, you guessed it — she’s wearing denim in every shot. There are gloriously vintage-inspired jeans that sit high up on the waist, straight-leg, butt-flattering pairs (keep scrolling to see what we’re talking about), ankle-grazing crops, and classic black skinnies.

In a denim state of mind yet? You can click on the caption below each image to buy!

Straight Regular Jean
Black Skinny Ankle

these come in a lot of different colors and washes

High Waist Jean


  1. The Straight Regular Jean looks ok on her, despite the way too short fly. The wash isn’t bad, but the seat looks over bleached on the H&M website.
    I would have put her in one size larger in the Straight Regular Jean because slightly loose straight jeans can add bulk without drape, implying a heavier body. Rihanna sizes her straight jeans so well that I think they make her look sleeker.
    I love the look of these wide loose Tibi straight jeans on this model.;104033;6167&visitor_id=v3_4464c562-e101-11e6-97f6-00163ef106fd&gclid=CKfTkdr-1tECFQiSfgodQcALKA&qxjkl=tsid%3A75618%7Ccid%3A275295246%7Cagid%3A17618766606%7Ctid%3Apla-112178268774%7Ccrid%3A66843436686%7Cnw%3Ag%7Crnd%3A4912886043465222291%7Cdvc%3Ac%7Cadp%3A1o1
    I noticed the H&M Straight Regular Jean has some stretch. Please give us some pointers about how to size up a straight leg jean that is made with stretch denim. If I wanted to size the H&M Straight Regular Jean to fit like the Tibi jean, would the stretch in the fabric be a problem? (The Tibi jeans have no stretch.)
    What if the straight jeans you want to oversize to look like the Tibi have 75% CO, 25% EME? Can a straight jean made of fabric that stretchy be oversized to fit like the Tibi?
    The rest of the H&M jeans shown here look pretty bad already from the front. But if even one of these jeans looks good in real life, it’s worth a look at the store. 🙂

    • The TIBI jeans are trouser jeans, not 5 pockets. When you are dealing with non skinny stretch, there is no need to up-size, as they will naturally get bigger all over when you wear them – and not always in a good way, especially if the denim is cheesy, or cheap, or whatever you want to call it. H&M jeans are not perfection, they are mostly copies of high end denim brands and you get what you pay for. I have had some very good experiences with H&M jeans in the past, but not for a long time now now. I also find their washes quite boring lately. They used to be much more fun and well done a few years ago and you could also find style that other brands didn’t carry. I remember my drop crotch jeans – they were totally fab and nowhere else to be found!

  2. Thanks for the warning. BTW what is the difference between a trouser and a 5 pocket when going for an oversized look?

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