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After a long, long time we are finally seeing Jessica Simpson in some denim again! She is kind of a “pet” celebrity for me, as she was actually my first assignment for Denimology when I had just started. That was when she had launched her own denim line and I was invited to her showroom. She is tiny, adorable, and very personable, and I really enjoyed meting her!

Jessica was spotted arriving at LAX, wearing a pair of tight fitting bell bottom jeans in a clean, dark blue wash with no fading and no distressing at all. She paired her jeans with a long-sleeved white t-shirt and a black textured short jacket. And she definitely wore some kind of platforms – she most of the time does!

You can check out Jessica’s denim line at Macy’s – very nice variety of styles and washes for a very accessible price.

dark blue jeans



  1. These jeans do nothing for her. (I doubt they would flatter anyone.) She’s a tiny bit out of shape and we wouldn’t even notice that if she wasn’t drawing attention to it by squeezing into these jeans. The sudden jump from denim as girdle to giant flare makes her legs look broken.
    I would like to see her in a comfortable, well tailored pair of jeans in a style we haven’t seen her in before. That would be refreshing and make her look comfortable in her own skin.
    Platforms make short people look like they don’t like themselves. A subtle 1 or 2″ heel doesn’t get noticed and can help with proportion if a person has short legs.
    I like the jacket and tshirt. Her hair would look much better in a more natural texture, a bit shorter, and with the roots grown out for at least several inches and lowlights pulled through to ombre the ends.

  2. i think she looks good in her jeans. i checked them on on macy’s site and i’m glad the pockets don’t have a bunch of shit all over them. plus i wear platforms with my bootcut and flare jeans. i have short legs so wearing platforms keeps them clean.

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