dark blue jeans

Jourdan Dunn was photographed out with her family in Barbados in an all navy blue outfit.

She wore a pair of navy high waisted skinnies and a cropped, long sleeved, navy sweatshirt with gold details and laces on both sides – pretty cute! Jourdan added a pair of white leather creepers and a shoulder bag featuring a gold chain, to complete her outfit.

We don’t get to see navy blue jeans a lot. I am a big fan of this color, especially when paired with black. It is a very edgy and even a bit unusual combination, but lots of people will tell you that black and navy don’t match. Don’t listen to them!

We have found navy blue jeans at the Outnet, Shopbop, and after looking around quite a bit, these Parker Smith blue skinnies are THE ones making my denim heart beat faster!

hi rise cropped jeans


  1. Some say high rises are on the decline as well as skinnies and her jeans combine both.

    Hope the real truth is we keep on wearing a variety of styles.

  2. These jeans look great from the front. The real test with skinny jeans is how they look from the back after a day of activity. Looks like the zipper and button in front are either badly made or too tight. Nothing a quick trip to the tailor couldn’t fix.
    Of course, people who aren’t built like Jourdan should skip this look.

  3. Like the laces on the shirt even though I prefer longer lengths.

    Regarding what kitty posted, I hate when there are zipper issues. If they are like that when I first try them on I will most likely pass on them unless I am getting a steal on them and feel like losing a few pounds will correct the situation. Sometimes I might just wear a longer top. But if one has that issue I think they should either cover it up or not wear the jeans.

    As has been mentioned before, if the jeans have that issue online when I am wanting to buy some new threads those jeans will not be purchased unless I find pictures of others wearing them without that problem.

    At times perhaps the jeans were put on in a hurry and a slight adjustment on how they are placed on one’s body MAY correct the situation or at least make the jeans look some better.

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