embroidered denim

Justin Bieber took the stage to the tune of his first No. 1 hit single, “What Do You Mean,” at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale on Saturday and sold his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia for $434,500. Not bad, right, almost the price of a studio apartment in Manhattan in NYC!

For the occasion, Justin sported a double denim look, comprised of the Gucci embroidered Sherpa denim jacket and a pair of his customary skinny ripped jeans, both in the same light blue wash, comme-il-faut!

This Gucci jacket is veeeery $$$$$ ($4950), so we searched for similar ones that are more accessible, check out this one from Juicy Couture, Topshop, Logophile, or Siwy.

Ripped jeans for dudes are available at ASOS and at Barney’s.

double denim


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