Karlie Kloss was spotted out in New York City, taking advantage of an unusual balmy winter day.

She wore a pair of super skinny white jeans with zippers at the front pockets and at the inside of the the lower part of the legs. I love especially the long leg zippers, because usually jeans tend to come with smaller ankle zippers.

Karlie added an oversized grey sweatshirt from the Drifter x Alchemist collaboration, that I had been checking out for a while now, really insane and so right now! The same sweatshirt also comes in navy and, if you love hoods, Drifter also carries a black and a white oversized hoodie.

The trend of oversized sweatshirt has been going on strong for quite a while now and it is  going to stay on for this coming spring and summer – at least!

There are some definitely rad sweatshirts available right now, check out my obsession from Knowlita, I really have a hard time deciding which one I like best! And there are also the very trendy come-backs of old time sports brands sweatshirts, like Fila and Champion. Make sure to up-size, or get the men’s version, and pair them with your skinnies as well as with your slim boyfriend jeans.

white ankle zip jeans


  1. Because of the expert seat cut and pocket placement, I thought these were frame jeans. But I don’t see them on the site. I did find these amazing looking white jeans. Not so sure they are amazing though because the image has been photoshopped. If a model doesn’t look good enough in them to leave the picture alone, I’m not inclined to think well of a pair of jeans.
    I love the details on Karlie’s jeans and the cut, although they are too cropped for her, but the fabric isn’t fitting as neatly as it should. Sizing down would not help. It’s a fabric problem, not a size problem. It’s very hard to make good white jeans in any style, especially a stretch skinny. These may be as good as they get.
    Karlie has not been looking very fit lately in the jeans that have been presented on denimology, but here we can see that she is perfectly fit. Makes me question those remade jeans with the slanted cuff that I loved so much. Either the remade jeans were worn too small, a common mistake with BF jeans, or they aren’t flattering.
    I love oversized sweatshirts & hoodies. Hate logos or graphic that say nothing. If your shirt says something, I want it to say something controversial and true about you. Start a conversation, don’t say something I’m supposed to ignore and don’t be a corporate billboard – unless it’s your corp.

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