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Katie Holmes was out at The Commons in Calabasas, wearing a very basic version of our most beloved denim uniform: jeans, tee, and a leather jacket.

Her skinnies are a clean medium blue wash without any distressing and in an ankle length. Katie opted for an oversized white t-shirt to go with her jeans and added a cropped black leather biker jacket. This is the only thing that disturbs me with this outfit. I believe that if you wear any kind of oversized or boxy top, you should not cover it with a cropped jacket, because it makes you look kind of out of proportion. Katie’s look would have been perfect if she had instead worn a regular, or even oversized, leather jacket.

You can buy skinny ankle jeans at Shopbop, Revolve, and at Nordstrom.

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  1. These jeans fit her well (not overly tight) but the seat has that bleached area in the back, which ruins the outfit by putting a spotlight on her backside. Overall, the outfit is fine but it doesn’t flatter. I agree. A long boyfriend jacket would have been cuter and we would never have seen the halo in the back.

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