trashed jeans

Well, I have to say that this time I am loving Kim Kardashian’s creativity! When we think we already have seen it all – here she goes with yet – another outrageous new trend? You may not even like the way she looks here, but you do have to admit she has guts LOL!

Kim was spotted out in this black outfit with her husband, Kanye West. Along with her plain and rather subdued (for her standards) oversized black hoodie, she sported a pair of black boyfriend jeans that were pretty much missing their front panel from the upper thigh on down.

In an effort to stay warm (and perhaps add a little extra whimsy?) Kim paired (what was left of) her jeans with patterned lace and fishnet tights, which were clearly visible through the GIGANTIC HOLES in her denim. She finished the look with a pair of Gianvito Rossilace-up heels.

Who knew there was yet another way to do trashed jeans? Knowledge is power!

You love this trend – get a pair of jeans and some scissors! You can buy black boyfriend jeans at Revolve and at Nordstrom.

destructed jeans


  1. I’m surprised you think this trend is new. I have been seeing it for over a year in WLA. The hard part is finding a pair of boyfriend jeans with just the right cut. The legs have to be wide enough so that when the front or back panel is removed, one is surprised by the outline of sleek leg underneath. I’m not loving the way she’s wearing these, but I’m glad we aren’t being forced to look at her backside in this outfit. The shoes destroy the outfit.
    The Mortisha Adams hair isn’t helping.

    • Not saying this is new just saying that this is more outrageous than any hole jean I have seen before! Def for here in NYC!

  2. I love the look of the tights under the boyfriend jeans but I wish she had styled it differently.

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