destructed shredded jeans

And so, after that bad incident in Paris, Kim Kardashian is back on the web and everywhere social media. And Kim of course does her “come-back” in a very Kardashian style. Jeans that I don’t know how they are held together – just thinking about maybe sitting down, or climbing up a SUV – what’s the bet on them not falling apart?

But, you know what, I kind of like them on Kim, I wouldn’t think they are cool if I saw someone on the street wearing them, but it just fits Kim, or maybe Rihanna could carry these off, as well!

Kim wore her jeans with a black Chrome Hearts Zip Up Hoodie and a pair of clear Yeezy heels.

Hard to find ready made shredded jeans like the ones Kim is wearing, but your best option would be to buy some very ripped ones and do all the rest of the shredding yourself. Make sure to up-size at least one size to get the same baggy and relaxed look.

There are some great ripped boyfriend jeans available from Topshop, One Teaspoon, and Boohoo has some very reasonably priced ones if you don’t really trust your own shredding 😉

trashed and frayed hem jeans


  1. I will say she made a statement and maybe not all of me but part of me likes it.

    Especially the jeans.

  2. I like these jeans from what I could see. It all depends on how the shredding is handled in the back and what is worn underneath. I have a slightly sheer summer dress that looks adequately covered over a pair of shorts designed for hot yoga (short, not sheer and they wick away heat). I would wear those under these jeans as a precaution – not to purposely flash them. I think it’s best to be strategic with the shredding and not show anything that would require shorts. I like the flattering fit and drape of these jeans. I wonder who made them.

  3. I try not to give the Kardashians more clicks than they deserve, but these jeans just cannot be ignored! I love how the rips and holes and frays look old – that is, they’ve been worn and washed and wrung through numerous times. Unfrayed rips are as bad as fake fade patterns.

    • Totally agreed on frayed rips – the most awful jeans are the darker wash with some “slices” on the knees ughhhh. These here are absolutely perfect!!!!

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