black leather jeans

Kim Kardashian was once again spotted decently dressed, I mean fully covered up, as she was out in Hollywood.

She wore a pair of very interesting black leather lace-up pants. They are actually 4 panels held together by laces. A lot of laces for one pair of pants, I dare say LOL!

These babies are one more creation from Unravel, and they are, unfortunately, all sold out.

Kim wore her leather pants with a very oversized blue and black plaid shirt, and completed the outfit with a pair of very high stilettos, the Giuseppe Zanotti Snake-Print Ankle Wrap Sandals.

We have been seeing a lot of Unravel lately – it is a new brand created by denim icon Ben Taverniti. And just FYI – Ben’s dad, Jimmy Taverniti, is the head of LA brand Siwy! So, it’s all in the (denim) family!

You can buy similar leather pants from Unravel here and here, and also at Barney’s.

leather pants women


  1. they look alright. though i don’t think they’ll look good in denim. i’m still a fan of leather, real or faux.

  2. I love the style I don’t mind that they’re denim although leather would be better for this design. My gripe is either change the shoe to go with the top or change the top.

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