And just when we think it can’t get any more oversized….Marques’ Almeida surprises us and comes out with an uber-sized boyfriend jean!

Complete with trendy frayed hems and a frayed, cut off waist, albeit still at least, mid-rise, these jeans guarantee at least on thing: you gonna be sticking out totally in a crowd. And pairing them with this also no less eye-catching frilly spaghetti strap top, oh well!

I am not sure how I feel about these jeans – yet. They might, or might not grow on me. But I will definitely keep an eye open for these in the coming seasons. What is your take – YAY or NAY?

Meantime, you can buy some great Marques’ Almeida on sale at The Outnet and at Stylebop.


  1. I LOVE these jeans SO MUCH!!! Of course, I would wear them with flats and cut them off so that they would be in no danger of dragging on the ground. There is nothing pretty about unsanitary jeans. Can you imagine coming home, taking off your shoes and then having to take your pants off at the front door because you just stepped on them on the sidewalk? YUCK. The top is hideous. I would wear these jeans with a Rag & Bone mock neck top. Neat and simple. I love the drape of the fabric.
    On the opposite end of the giant jean spectrum, I want to get a pair of men’s straight no stretch “raw” jeans. I read that they shrink. How many sizes can raw 15 oz denim be shrunk with boiling water and a hot dryer?

  2. That style made me imagine Aladdin wears denim on this style. It would be so satisfying.

    • I think they’re doing them for spring only…. but Chimala has an almost similar one! Check on the Madewell website! I have them and they are H.U.G.E lol

    • the Chimala® Vintage Baggy Cut Jeans – I got them in my regular size, so do not size up more than one size at the most!!

  3. I love a wide leg jean! These look awesome and original. I already have the One Teaspoon Westenders, just love them with a nice tight tank, and plan on buying another wide leg pair from another brand before summer. Living in the south, Summer can get really hot and humid and the last thing I want to put on is a tight pair of jeans. The drop waist is cool and I could get away with wearing them at work with some flat retro sandals. Thanks for posting the pic. 🙂

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