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Lucy Hale was out in Los Angeles looking so very refreshingly cute in her outfit comprised of a pair from the Cult of Individuality vintage wash skinny jeans and a pink patterned 3.1 Phillip Lim Bomber.

Lucy’s jeans are a pair of classic go-for jeans in a black vintage wash with a high rise, which is perfect for any kind of occasion. Paired with this pink jacket, for instance, the whole outfit has a very classic look.

These same jeans, they are the Cult Of Individuality Gypsy Hi-Rise In Vintage Black, are available on the Cult website. You can find similar vintage wash jeans on the Cult website, and they also come in some other very cool washes, check them out here.

And just FYI – The composition of the Cult’s skinnies is one of my favorites, featuring 98% cotton and only 2% spandex. This makes the jeans feel like “true” denim, albeit quite softer, and I have to say it once more: for me, in terms of bagging or sagging, I have never had this problem with any of the Cult’s jeans. Yes, they do give a bit, but in a “cool” way, so the skinnies don’t look “glued” on your body but naturally slouchier and rather sexier than anything “sprayed on”!

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  1. This is a brand I haven’t heard from in a while. I like the jeans the color is very nice. I like the outfit a lot with the pink bomber very cute and casual.

  2. She is beautiful (great hair) and I like the outfit and the fit of the jeans on her, but most jeans look good from the front.
    Since you own these jeans, please tell…
    Do the sizes only go down to 24? Do they run smaller or bigger than Frame or Jbrand?
    Does the denim stretch vertically? Its easy to tell by grabbing a pair and trying to stretch a section of the leg near the ankle straight up and down.
    No jean fits every body type. In the pictures it looks like these might be cut for a somewhat fuller upper thigh and flatter seat? (Compared to yesterday’s candid picture of Karlie Kloss, who has tiny upper thighs and a more muscular seat that curves in underneath?)

    • I don’t think that most jeans look good from the front, especially since a lot of times they’re crunching around the crotch.
      I don’t own these exact CoI jeans but the ones I have stretch horizontally mainly and just give a bit vertically, like most of the jeans out there. And yes, you are absolutely right, the jeans are perfect for fuller thighs and flatter bums! Their sizing for skinnies is actually true to size, which is the case for me with Frame skinnies as well. With J Brands I sometimes need to down-size.

  3. Thanks for the info! Well that counts me out. I have the opposite figure type (skinny thighs/round seat) and I’m a 23 in Frame so a 24 in Cult can’t work. Too bad, I like the black wash a lot.
    You’re right not all look good from the front. But in my opinion most don’t look good from the back.
    I didn’t notice that JBrand runs bigger than Frame. But it makes sense. So far I have only liked the Maria/Alana skinny skinny in high def stretch, and their rigid jeans which look great loose. JBrand tailoring is great. I don’t have much opportunity to try on JBrand because the small sizes are not carried in stores.
    BTW, for frustrated small size shoppers with round seats and narrow thighs, Frame has a well stocked store in West Hollywood on Melrose Place. So much more convenient to go there and try on a stack than to order/return/order/return…
    For those with the rounder thigh, flatter seat build, Rag & Bone also makes stretch skinny jeans for that build and their stores have the smaller sizes.
    I don’t know what “true to size” means. None of the denim companies I have tried in recent years match their own size charts. America is getting larger and sizing down. But now I know what you mean by “true to size”, which will help me know which brands I can try when you review. 🙂

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