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So here are the two brother hunks, Nick and Joe Jonas, making their way out of Craig’s restaurant after grabbing dinner together.

Thank you, Joe, for sporting that little beard of yours, so I can tell who is who LOL! Because, otherwise, both clad in black *identical (?) jeans – that would have been pretty hard to tell!

The brothers went low-key in their casual outfits and baseball caps for their night on the town.

Joe wore his black slim fit jeans paired with a black hoodie and a white bomber jacket and some amazing white Public School Two-Toned Leather Sneakers, which are the latest rave in streetwear right now.

Nick was dressed in a more casual way, teaming his black jeans with a black and blue striped sweater layered under a navy quilted jacket.

You can buy similar clean wash black jeans, in a slim fit and without any distressing or fading at East Dane and Mr. Porter.

slim jeans men


  1. Public School makes some great stuff.

    The links for Public School and East Dane are not working on my device however the issues may be on my end. The Mr. Porter one works well.

      • Those things happen.

        Hate it when things work against me versus with me but it seems to be something each of us has to deal with from time to time.

        Plus if this is the worst thing one encounters in one’s day chalk it up as a great day.

  2. I thought it was Joe in the Public School jacket.

    I think that look is better and usually I like Nick’s style better.

  3. Either I need to up have better reading comprehension or else the copy has been changed. Now it says Joe is the one in the white jacket.

    • when I checked the links just before I realized I had mixed them up in spite of the beard LOL – asking for your forgiveness 😉

      • You did not do anything that needs forgiveness. But if you think you need it I forgive you.

        Since I was never crushin’ on them like a lot of people were years ago I did not think I was in a love haze when reading your article.

  4. Both are well dressed. Remember how silly they used to look years ago in the can’t sit down skinny jeans?

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