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Once more Rihanna was out in her beloved worn in, distressed, and ripped boyfriend jeans! Oh, and her kind of trademark go-to Timberland Heritage Boots in that made-to-look-old brown color – in perfect sync with her vintage like jeans. She was taking her adorable little niece, Majesty, to a toy store.

Rihanna wore a show stopping long shearling coat to go with her jeans – oh man, I can see her sweeping the New York City streets with this coat LOL! It is the reversible shearling coat from Chloe. Okay for RiRi to wear of course, but I doubt that anyone of us “non-celebs” would feel comfortable wearing such a long and eye-catching coat anywhere else except maybe from taxi to destination and back!

Rihanna’s boyfriend jeans are a pair of men’s vintage Levi’s 501. You can also buy super cool vintage jeans at Nasty Gal.

vintage jeans


  1. The coat makes her look like a fashion victim. It’s idiotic to wear coats or pants near the floor.
    I like the BF jeans a lot. Also the hair, makeup, T shirt and niece!

    • about the coat – I totally agree, now pants…. I sometimes love dragging, but certainly not when it’s freezing or raining and the hems get wet. Also, you might want to consider the dragging hems for the next must have trend (?) super SUPER baggy and oversized jeans?!? At least, according to brand announcements….

  2. oh! the one teaspoon kingpin jeans are great! Do you know if one has to order couple of sizes up to get that drapey look shown on the model? It’s cold and raining now, but soon it will be 90 degrees again and these jeans come with AC! In the meantime, these could be worn over long underwear or warm tights. 🙂

    I would love to see a blog about how to buy men’s jeans for women, why to buy men’s, and how to find the right size.

    • I always size up for baggy jeans from 1 Teaspoon, the skinnies are true to size. I promise I will take into consideration about men’s jeans for women and will do a post about it 😉 My usual advice is upsize 2 sizes, but being that it seems that you are slim and don’t have bigger thighs, I suppose you could start with 1 size bigger than your regular women’s size. But I don’t believe that there are many men’s brands around that make smaller than 27….maybe Topshop.
      Hope this helps!

  3. interesting – we just received an image of a “real” person wearing this exact coat dragging on the floor during Paris Fashion week – you can check it out on our Forum!

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