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Scarlett Johansson in High Rise Relaxed Black Jeans

Scarlett Johansson in High Rise Relaxed Black Jeans

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Scarlett Johansson was spotted at the Simon Lee Gallery in New York City, wearing a pair of very interesting high rise black jeans. They seem to be made with different panels and patches of black denim fabrics, especially at the lower part of one leg, and they also feature another panel on the inside of the leg. The jeans are almost a wide leg, with a cropped, unfinished hem, and the fit is a super high rise.

Scarlett paired her jeans with a black button-less long sleeved shirt, black ankle boots, and a black leather belt with a round gold buckle.

I like the way how Scarlett made a pair of rather funky jeans look quite elegant, appropriate for the occasion. It always comes down to the accessories AND black jeans – you can make even the trashiest pair of black jeans look elegant if you team them with the right clothes.

Check out some similar jeans from Current/Elliott and J Brand.

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  1. I don’t see the panel details you mentioned. I like the silhouette, wash and hem. The jeans don’t seem to fit in the body from the front. They look like they’re dropped crotch AND kind of tight at the hip, a strange combination, with bunching at the crotch. These jeans might have looked better sized up. Not a fan of the belt. The outfit overall looks great. She looks like she has lost a lot of weight, or sized down in the chest. Looks great. Love the hair cut and make up.

  2. i don’t like these jeans at all. just another pair of jeans for so called fashion girls on the internet. most of the population would never waste their money on styles like this.

    • what’s wrong with so called fashion girls on and off the internet? Aren’t we all !? 😉

  3. I think I saw these in the Rag & Bone spring collection this morning. Wading through Rag & Bone marketing is such a chore that I couldn’t find them again when I wanted to look at them again to compare.

    • you probably saw the r & b Lou crop in blue, which is a similar style and on their pre-order list 🙂

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