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Back in the day, Selena Gomez once swore she’d never wear anything other than a pair of Converse. Haha… it’s laughable and cute, because flash forward almost 10 years later, and she’s evolved into a legitimate style icon.

She’s had more hits than misses and when she pushes the boundaries of fashion, we can’t help but have mad respect for her, even if we’re not a fan of allll her fashion choices. So when she stepped out in these Vetements high waisted, step hem jeans, nude heels, and a blue sweater with a dinosaur on the front, it was obviously going to cause a little buzz in the fashion world.

Sel’s jeans are a pair of the insane expensive and none the less super popular Vetements brand, the Season 1 jeans, made of 100% cotton and in a medium, vintage-like wash. You must check out their sick back pockets – I have posted an image of them below!

Her sweater – disputable cute or awful – is from Coach, and kind of reminds me of those ugly Christmas sweaters. But because it’s Selena, the whole outfit looks great on her, minus those Kurt Geiger nude pumps, which – in general – I have no love for. And just FYI – Sel’s handbag is the Coach 1941 Rogue Small Leather Tote Bag in white.

You can buy some other, more reasonably priced step hem jeans from Frame, Joe’s, and Current/Elliott – these are probably the most similar looking to the Vetements.

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  1. I like the dinosaur and the hair.
    Since she used to wear converse, she’s used to torturing her feet. I like nude shoes, but these particular ones will give anyone ugly feet with bulging veins in hours, they instantly eliminate agility, and over time they cause even more health and beauty problems. Foot binding is not pretty.
    About the jeans… I like the roomier fit shown on the model on the web site, although I don’t know if it would suit Selina’s build or not. Looks great on the model. I have noticed lately that a slightly wide leg can be less flattering than a skinny or a wide leg. (By skinny, I don’t mean girdle tight.)
    In the picture of the back pockets above, it looks like there may be an issue with them pointing to the lower part of the center of the seat, an area that no one should point to. And, that’s a part of a jean that bags out early and a lot. I would recommend scrutinizing this before buying a pair like this. From a design standpoint,so long as the pockets don’t point to that area, I like these blue back pockets better than others I have seen.
    I like the wash. The hems work really well with the cut of the jean when worn loose.
    I was crazy about pieced together denim when I first saw it. Is this an innovation that’s destined to be a timeless collector’s item or a quickly dated, disposable fad? I always ask myself that when buying something distinctive because I like to wear my clothes forever.

  2. I really enjoy this outfit. It is very sofisticated while still being fun and playful. I love the mix of two trends in the denim and I feel they are very flattering on Selena.

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