Home Sales SIWY Sale – Black Cargo Jeans, Always Trendy

SIWY Sale – Black Cargo Jeans, Always Trendy

SIWY Sale – Black Cargo Jeans, Always Trendy

black cargo jeans

For all our readers that love black jeans (please raise your hand if you don’t!), and also love some cargo! Shopbop has this amazing pair of blacks from SIWY, called ‘Patty Never Get Old Jeans’ LOL, on sale right now for $144 and still have all the sizes available! No excuse, you need to grab one of these!

And while you’re checking, there are lots of more rad Siwy styles on sale there, too. Tell me you don’t love it?!?!

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  1. Look at the rear view on shopbop. Love handles, flattened rear end and fabric flop over under the seat. These jeans are making what I assume is a great body look tragic. I think the model has tiny thighs and sizing up will make the flop over worse. The shopbop pictures are blurry. In real life these cargos must look worse. The side view shows the seat flop over too.
    On the other hand, the long bomber on the SIWY banner ad looks brilliant. I love it.

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