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British actress, Sophie Turner, was certainly turning heads as she showed up at the trendy hotspot, Catch LA, in West Hollywood this past weekend.

Wearing a pair of extremely high waisted and skinny navy blue jeans with a very cropped and off-the-shoulder sweater, I am sure she must have caught quite some attention.

Extremely high waisted jeans have been popping up everywhere lately. They are awesome if you have the right body shape – meaning slim hips and legs, and six-pack-abs, and if you are ready to suffer through winter in cropped tops – go for them!!

Otherwise, the only way such high waisted jeans would make sense is to wear them with a shirt or sweater tucked into the waistband, which may or may not create some kind of a bulk. So you need to watch out for that. You might also be lucky and find a cropped sweater or sweatshirt that hits right at the waistband of the jeans. A flash of skin when you move…yeah, that could be cool as well!

Citizens of Humanity has a really extreme high waisted jean, so does Parker Smith, and also check out the Isabel Marant flares.

hi rise jeans


  1. These do look great from the front. That’s the easy part. Often skinny jeans like this, that rely on precise sizing and smoothness, wilt very quickly in the back. I like the wash, length and no rips or embroidery. JBrand Carolina fits like this, before you spend any time sitting down. An extra high waist that can’t slide down at all when you sit, really puts stretch denim to the test. I have not seen any stretch denim pass that test – yet.
    I like this outfit. She has the body for it and she’s not showing any cleavage. The shoes are a bit predictable and the lipstick is tacky.

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