blue skinny stretch jeans

Stella Maxwell here is dressed in our most beloved denim uniform of denim and leather, yeah, and also denim with black.

She paired her light wash skinny jeans with a light blue denim shirt which she had layered over an oversized black t-shirt. A cool black leather biker jacket and black heavy combat lace-up boots completed her absolutely 5 star (out of 5) outfit.

At least, for me, this is a perfect outfit – denim and black and leather, there is just no other combination I use more often than this one. And Stella looks fantastic in these skinny jeans with her long and slim legs. These light blue wash jeans, without any fading or rips , would show any kind of bulge or even the slightest cellulite, so very likely you need to be a Victoria Secret model to carry it off. Especially, since these jeans look to be very stretchy and light weight.

For more “normal” non-VS model bodies, like most of us, I would suggest either a pair of skinnies in a heavier weight and definitely in a darker wash. Or some kind of destruction like rips, or fraying, to “distract” LOL!

You can buy skinny blue jeans at Lord & Taylor, and denim shirts at ASOS.

light blue denim shirts


  1. I totally agree with you this is the PERFECT outfit and a distressed denim would be the cherry on top for this look. I also love the black underneath her denim top to break up the denim on denim look.

  2. Animal skin says nothing good about the person willing to wear it.

    Design wise, I like this outfit because it calls attention to Stella’s great legs. There really is no way to pull off skinny jeans without show-off worthy legs. A great outfit calls attention to the wearer’s best assets. I like the controlled color palette. The boots look good. the individual pieces are nothing special, except that they fit properly and add up to an outfit that flatters.

  3. PS I noticed Stella has the same issue I have with horzontal flop over in the upper thigh on these skinny jeans. Maybe she wore the t this long because the back looks bad. Most denim makers need to come up with better stretch fabric and better cuts.

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