Top Denim ReviewsWe got a great response to our Top Posts of 2016 so we’d thought to take it one step further. We have an unbelievable review team and their denim reviews consistently get a lot of traffic. Check out the top denim reviews of 16′ below and let us know what you think!

Top Women’s Denim Reviews

Top Men’s Denim Reviews


  1. Looking at so many reviews in a row reminds me of the importance of fit & the importance of avoiding trends unless you absolutely love them. The two best jeans in the bunch were the black skinny jeans and the men’s dark wash straight jeans with the great undistressed wash and super flattering back pockets and masculine cut. Classically flattering looks. The men’s jeans will last for decades. The stretch skinnies, probably only a few wears. I wish the men’s jeans came in my size.

  2. PS. Please review more Gilded Age jeans. Their web site is horrible. They need help showing their products. When you do a men’s review, please let us know the actual hip and wast measurements of the smallest size so that women can consider, too. 🙂 I would love to have a pair of jeans that will last me for years and years and look great the whole time. Although, the word, “raw” is a strong deterrent. Please wash denim BEFORE you sew. It’s craftsmanship 101.