Top Denim & Jeans 2016
With 2016 in the books, we thought it appropriate to re-cap what denim articles our readers viewed most throughout the year. Some surprises, some “yeah, I figured’s”… Seems it was another year of relentless stalking of Beckham and the Bieb’s jeans, a healthy dose of curiosity about what’s to come in the denim industry, and a sexy interest in men’s embellishments and “holes that aren’t holes”. Check out our top denim posts of 16′ and let us know what you think!


  1. These top articles indicate that Denimology readers prefer posts where people are not wearing skimpy clothes.

    Therefore, those that dressed in an overly revealing way probably did not get the hits they were going for.

    Not really thrilled that Bella Thorne made the cut but you have to report the facts. But take note BT–people must be tired of your antics since only one article about you was most viewed.

  2. The results provide evidence that people here like gaining insight into what the experts say about denim.

    Only one train wreck is on the list.

  3. Now that I think about it, I am kinda sad no Gwen Stefani or Rihanna articles got lots of play.

    I am not sad enough to cry though. Hahaha!

  4. Just curious, when collecting the data I guess you combined all the hits which includes those that came directly to the website and those that came via links shown in emails and on facebook, twitter, etc.

    Wonder who read about Justin and David the most? Females or males?

    • @BHTPC It was total pageviews regardless of source. I looked up the Bieb/Beck stats and they were both 80% male, 20% female which is awesome. Guys looking for new styles, not teenage heartthrobs (nothing against heartthrobs ;))

      • That is great that you were able to see who has been viewing the DB and JB posts.

        We will just have to wonder if they followed through on trying to emulate their styles.

        It also seems based on this data that the guys were drawn to seeing what other guys are wearing versus checking out the females.

  5. Seeing Bella Thorne in those gross super high rise skinnys will keep me from trying that style on at LAgence. It’s not like wearing a blouse would do anything about those Grinch Who Stole Christmas pants.
    She was one of many wearing the top young fashion victim look of last summer. Girls that apparently don’t have mirrors but have spare cash were dressed like this all over LA. Saggy high rise skinny jeans, saggy body suits & high heel boots. It’s a look that screams “I’m stupid. sexually submissive and I will do anything to get attention from the lowest common denominator.” Changing to leather & corset didn’t improve her look or message for the last post.

    • What you wrote kitty is a great example that shows what a person wears speaks volumes.

      There were a lot of slutty books/looks in 2016.

      • It’s very hard to respect a woman dressed like that. It’s sad but when a woman goes out of her way to wear something this derogatory, she would have to win the nobel prize to overcome the outfit. Designers could be celebrating women instead of degrading & confusing them.

        “Design is the first signal of human intention.” –Wm. McDonnell

  6. When I was a teen I loved Seventeen magazine.

    It has been awhile since I looked at one of their magazines but I went to the Seventeen website the other day and was disappointed that so many of their articles center around those celebs that show way too much skin and have had a lot of “work” done.

    I think people should not look to celebs to be their role models but it would be nice if things would change and that teens could see more examples that one can be stylish without looking like a ho.

    And publications need to give more focus on teens that demonstrate better values.

    They should promote the fact that you should like yourself enough that you do no not fall into thinking you want that kind of success. That being educated is something one should aspire to and that you should want to be known for your good deeds versus someone that spends their time standing in front of mirrors taking selfies wearing little or no clothing.

  7. Today’s cropped sweatshirt and high rise skinny post looked great on a fit healthy body that may not be entirely natural, but she looked lovely & dignified. I think this look is where I draw the line. Put a kardashian in the same outfit and oh, ick.

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