flower jeans
Desigual S/S 2017

We have been seeing embroidery, patches, and paints coming for a couple of seasons now. Judging by the runway shows, this coming spring and summer there will be no escaping this trend. Be it embroidery or paints, and, of course patches, there are not going to be any limits or restrictions to your creativity. You will be able to DIY, or buy ready made denims, all you have ever wanted to own.

Are you going to be into this trend? Personally, I would say that maybe one or two pieces of trendy and eye-catching jeans or jackets should be enough to satisfy my “trend obligation”. Because, basically, yeah I believe that denim should be cool, laid back, very raw or very ripped, bleached or dark indigo, but DENIM! And the embroidery or paints or patches are going to be just an addition of which we are going o tire soon anyway!

Let us know your take on these trends:-)

And, if you decide to go trendy ASAP, you can find some quite cool pieces from Topshop, Express, Hidden, and Tortoise. Check out some more options below a well!

painted jeans
Alexander McQueen S/S 2017
ripped jeans
Nasty Gal After Party
painted hi rise jeans
Forever21 Pixie And Diamond Jeans
black jeans
ASOS Boyfriend Jean With Embroidered Leg
denim skirts
Topshop Rose Denim Mini Skirt
flare jeans
Lulu’s Medium Wash Embroidered Flare Jeans


  1. I’m with you. A couple pieces are good. I actually only own one pair, NSF X Bliss and Mischief Song of the West and I am obsessed with them! Get ridiculous amounts of compliments on them and looking to add one or two more pieces. Love the Nasty Gal pair (probably since it resembles the pair I already own)! Now I’ll have to head back to my local thrift store and pick up the vintage Naf Naf denim jacket with floral embroidery!

  2. The best embroydered jeans I have seen so far are FAITH BL14432 from Buffalo David Bitton. Soft blue embroidered humming birds at the hip. (And the denim doesn’t bag out.) Of the ones on this page, I liked the McQueen and the ASOS. Except, is the crotch supposed to look like that on the ASOS? I watched the video a few times. I like a dropped crotch, and it’s necessary with a high rise if worn with a belt. But does it have to bunch like that? It’s better than Scarlet Johanssen’s jeans. Am wrong about the bunching? Also, are these jeans for short women? They’re called Glamorous Petite Boyfriend, but they don’t say what the inseam is. I was tempted to order these, until I realized they may be for shorter than average.

    • boyfriend jeans made of 100% cotton are always going to bunch up a bit:-)
      if you scroll down on the ASOS site, you will find a help section, go to sizing and choose jeans, ASOS petite. When you are done, it will show you a couple of smileys asking if your question was answered, and then if you click on mad face, an e-mail option will pop up – hope this helps:-)

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