Unemployed DenimUnemployed Denim is a custom, reworked, vintage brand. Products are made-to-order for each customer from a carefully curated selection of vintage items. Their most popular article is the personalized denim jacket; customers pick the unique wash and fit of the denim along with the embellishments, stripes, and embroidery they want on it. Co-created between the customer and Unemployed Denim, correspondence continues between the designer and the customer until the customer is completely satisfied with their one-of-a-kind design. Each item becomes a completely unique reflection and true extension of the customer’s personality.

While a senior at Cornell University, Sydney Izen launched Unemployed Denim in the spring of 2016. Izen started the brand to create pieces unlike anything seen before. Her first design was for Coachella, when she created a one-of-a-kind pair of shorts cut from vintage jeans and embellished with patches. These cutting edge shorts added a unique element to her outfit and stood out in the crowd, attracting attention from festival goers and media alike. From there, the signature Personalized Unemployed Denim Jacket was born and the company has continued to grow ever since. Izen’s designs are anything but static; forever on a mission to help customers stand out in a crowd, her designs will grow and change to help satisfy needs that her customers didn’t even know they had.

Every Unemployed Denim creation highlights the customer’s personality to make them stand out. “I wear clothing to turn heads and start conversations. Not to blend in with the crowd.” -Sydney Izen, Founder and CEO of Unemployed Denim

Check out Unemployed Denim at www.unemployeddenim.com
and Instagram @unemployeddenim.


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